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Quotes about Carl's yoga holidays:

"It was just what I needed! I found the holiday so relaxing and laid back, and I loved the yoga and the fact that we experimented with so many aspects.
I also enjoyed day trips, and felt that there was just the right balance of exploring and just hanging out at the farm, which is so inspiring. The food was phenomenal! The company way great. I think we had a lovely group, and I enjoyed meeting everyone. I will miss everything!"

-Ilka (Went to Gemma's Biodynamic farm, 25-2nd of July '05)



"Dear Carl,
Big thanks to you and Ruth and the magical yoga Babe for our dreamy Gemma-farm holiday. Lots of warm memories still keeping me a-glow - sitting in the amphitheatre, drenched in morning sun in wild flower fragrance - so lovely!"



" Loved the magical setting, the loving, en famillie atmosphere, the farm life, food from the earth, the wild-flowers, swimming in the pond - (yes I DID swim and it was WONDERFUL,) the musical evenings, the firelight, - the studio was superb. Loved picking mulberries from the trees, knowing that the cattle and sheep were so deeply cared for and treated homeopathically.


Loved connecting with the Earth and being with Earth people. Tonino will never know what a big impression his talk made on us, we were riveted!!"



"The wonderful environment of Gemma and Tonino's Tuscan biodynamic farm provides a perfect setting for Carl's dynamic and holistic yoga teaching.
Hard to believe that there is anywhere so unspoilt - literally - left on earth, but there is." -Suzanne 2004



"I found that the farm's magic worked to multiply the uplifting and restorative effects of Carl's yoga teaching, and of the holiday itself. I will be returning next year."



" The best thing about the yoga was your example of a loving, non-judgmental human being. This had a tremendously relaxing and expanding effect. I felt I could just be me and you would never criticize me, only help me. At all times we felt cared for and you were so generous with your information and never seemed to get fed-up with us. Your teaching was in-depth, competent and knowledgeable. Loved the way you put the movement in the breath which kept everything relaxed and unforced. Loved the outdoor meditations and the monastery walks. Liked the choreography and the routines."



"I learnt lots of new and different things - important things - like putting the emphasis on a long spine, grounding into the earth, dropping weight on foot before a balance pose and lots and lots more. Liked all the humming and your singing voice and hearing Ruth walking by singing to Fleur.
Loved having Fleur on the course and you as a family."



"The biggest and deepest effect was your own heart energy. All the time felt we were in the presence of a very sweet, humble person. Sense of humour was nice too and funny anecdotes... So thank you once again And lots of love
to you all three -from Checkie 2004