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HOLIDAY at Gemma & Tonino's Biodynamic Farm

Up in the Tuscan hills - 42 hectares of gardens, woods, fields, olive groves, and pastures.
An idyllic, peaceful, protected, rural setting - within easy reach of beaches, historic towns, sites of special interest, top restaurants.

The environment is very conducive to yoga. The spacious studio crafted from wood with a sprung floor looks out over the valley.

Gemma and Tonino farm the land and produce fresh milk, cheese, honey, fruits and vegetables. Tonino's wood and stone sculptures adorn the farm.

They have built an open-air Greek theatre into the hillside where there are performances.
Gemma and Tonino run a theatre group called Theatro Unicorno, and invite professional directors to lead workshops.

Many friends from the locality are also participants in Theatro Unicorno. The neighbourhood is community spirited, made up of lively, friendly people. All the neighbours are organic farmers too.

So no pesticides etc. are used anywhere near the farm. It's all healthy and natural.
People have been drawn to this special place for millennia, there's a substantial Roman / Etruscan ruin on site...

Food at Gemma & Tonino's Biodynamic Farm

The pleasures of great food eaten together is central to life here.
This yoga experience refines all our senses and develops our tastes.

Enjoying food whose delicious ingredients we can taste, is yoga.

Yogic food, and macrobiotic principles will be introduced and Gemma uses food combining principles.

Gemma prepares tasty, simple,organic/ bio-dynamic vegetarian food, with the freshest ingredients from the farm and gardens that day.

Salad for example is picked and washed just before serving.
You will taste and feel the difference.
You can pluck the fruit off the trees.

Nutritious whole natural foods are used to make mainly traditional Italian and Tuscan dishes.

There are three full meals and teas, coffee and healthy snacks will be available and are included.