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SURROUNDINGS at Gemma & Tonino's Farm

Gemma and Tonino's is in 'La Maremma', up in the Tuscan hills, and 3 km down a little


You are welcome to wander beyond the farm itself and there are plentiful country walks to
discover. There is a riding school a little way up the lane. Scuba, sailing, climbing, tennis, cultural, arts, visits and so on can be easily arranged. By bus or car it's half an hour to    beaches, (some ofwhich are part of national parks), stunning thermal hot springs, and    picturesque Tuscan renaissance/mediae villages perched on hills. Historic cities within  an hour or so need no introduction: Pisa, Florence, Rome(2hrs), Sienna...

Flights are not included but can be very cheap: Fly to nearest airports Rome, Pisa, Florence. All are about 2 hours away. Florence is convenient, and is so beautiful to visit, but is more pricey.
Milan, Bologna (less well known and well worth a visit), or other portals further away are
another option, if you have plenty of time for onward travel by train (unlike at home,
trains are relatively cheap in Italy and reliable). advertise one way tickets (not including taxes) to Rome (£29.99), and Pisa
(£29) within easy reach. In reality though at the time of writing flights were available
from Ryan air from £89-£159 return. was also very reasonable.

Trains in Italy are very good value, they cost a fraction of comparable journeys in the UK.
Trains run to Grossetto, the nearest town. There is a bus from Grosseto to Montorgiali,
the nearest village. We can pick you up from there.

Car hire is recommended. It is normally cheaper to organise it from the UK.
Please let us know if you would like us to introduce you to others for car sharing, car hire
and splitting fuel costs etc.

Montorgiali is the nearest village, inland from Grosseto, the nearest town. Marina's is
about 3 km from Montorgiali. When you book we will send detailed instructions.

A road map of the area can be found here




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