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YOGA in Tuscany

A fantastic experience of yoga in a special beautiful place, an excellent time. Yoga is mainly done in the morning before it gets hot. There will also be afternoon/evening sessions.

Programmes are thoroughly planned and researched but are not preconceived. The teaching is intuitive and flexible. Yoga is sensitive to the needs of the group and individuals; to the weather; our previous days experience; our plans for the rest of the day; etc... However, we will establish a morning routine. You are encouraged to feel free to attend as and when you want.

The core of our practice is thorough, traditional classical yoga. However, it can be interesting, when appropriate, to introduce some elements and principles of other complimentary practices. So we may touch on other disciplines that are yogic.

For example we might use elements of chi kung, (Chinese yoga), martial arts training, authentic movement, release based contemporary dance, butoh, awareness work, meditation, self expression, improvisation, voice, song, chant, and creative writing...

All of these things can bring something useful to the yoga practice to keep us engaged and to get fresh insights. We can explore off the familiar map.
After all: any practice that brings the mind to a point of awareness can be seen as yoga. Thus truly yoga is boundary-less.

A day might include:
Brew up early tea and infusions.

In the morning before the heat of the day. eg. 7.30am (It tends to be easy: a pleasure to get up in the morning here) A morning practice might last about 2-3 hours. Gradually deepening, getting
dynamic, flowing moving and holding postures. A balanced selection, then finishing postures, and pranayama (breathing).

As the principles of self practice are acquired, there will be more space to listen to the body and discover, improvise and explore them for yourself, or to rest, within the structure of this practice.
During this time Carl can give individual attention.

The goal is self sufficiency; for the student to become their own teacher. You are given the keys to producing unlimited practices for your future use. There will be pauses for people to leave, and then silence, meditation, (dharana,dhyana, samadhi...). Sometimes questions, discussion, reading of texts and chanting.

BREAKFAST served 9am-10.30
All meals are served on the terrace:
There will be plenty of time to eat and shower, or continue self practice.......
Some days we will resume before lunch. On other days there will be a break for other activities, to rest, sunbathe, explore, do what you want........
Excursions will be arranged if there is interest. If there is an excursion planned or by prior arrangement, Marina will make us a picnic lunch.

Free time/ excursions/ however, if there is enough interest within the group
we can continue to practice:
Yoga activities can be arranged formally or informally after breakfast: and some people may wish to do a one to one session. Chanting can be practiced, reading of scriptures and there can be questions and discussion.

Possibilities include slow movement, walking meditation, awareness exercises, less energetic asana, passive poses, relaxation, visualisation, theory, talk, silence....

With some groups we have felt confident to work with sound, and even creative artistic practices, like authentic movement, butoh, and automatic writing...
Activities can be held around the property, on excursions, informally or in the

Normally there would be at least 2 hours for lunch and plenty of free time
before any other activity were offered.

Most days in hot weather the whole afternoon is free for a jaunt to the beach....
or to chill on the farm. Siesta...
Usually we do another shorter yoga session before dinner.

Nb. We will eat out on one night in a restaurant. If there is interest, we can go
out more.
Eating out is not included but is excellent value.

Free time to go out, or hang out, play music in the studio, party gently, be round a campfire, dance under the stars, or ask questions, chat or withdraw and meditate etc.
We may do some calming, restful late practices.