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Yoga HOLIDAY at Marina's Luxurious Organic Farm

High up in the Tuscan hills overlooking the Maremma plain. There are gardens, woods, fields, fruit groves, and pastures.Comfortable, peaceful, well maintained, rural setting - within easy reach of beaches, historic towns, sites of special interest, top restaurants.

The environment is very conducive to yoga. The spacious, newly converted studio looks out over the plain. Restored in stone with a brand new hardwood floor. Marina run's the hospitality side of the business, while her husband Hermano and Marina's son are skilled craftsmen. They have converted the farm buildings into a top Agriturismo (a kind of Farm Hotel).


The house has been restored lovingly in the local style, with a simple elegance, and built to last. The land has always been farmed organically. The family make their own honey, harvest fruits and vegetables and crops. They breed an ancient type of long horned Maremma cows, there are also dogs and cats, goats...


All the neighbours are organic farmers too. So no pesticides etc. are used anywhere near the farm. It's all healthy and natural.


FOOD at Marina's Organic Farm

The pleasure of tasty food enjoyed together is central to life here. Yoga is also to refine our senses and develop our tastes. Enjoying food whose delicious ingredients we can taste, can be yoga. A relaxed preference towards yogic/ayurvedic eating will be exercised. We are also aware of food combining principles, and Macrobiotics. We follow these principles generally, but not strictly.

As it is said: "When (a few hours from) Rome... "
Adopting the local relaxed attitude we can enjoy some regional specialities that roughly fit our dietary aims.

Marina is a great cook. Healthy, tasty, simple,organic/ bio-dynamic vegetarian food, is the order of the day. Made with the freshest ingredients from the farm and gardens.
Salad for example is picked and washed just before serving. You will taste and feel the difference.

Depending on the time of year you can gather berries and pluck fruit off the trees. Nutritious whole natural foods are used to make mainly traditional Italian and Tuscan dishes.
There are three full meals and teas, coffee, wine and healthy snacks will be available and are included.